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About Hamra Qanoon - Top-Rated & Professional
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Hamara Qanoon is a highly regarded law firm located in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. we efficiently handle the growing workload from various regions. Our firm boasts a professional and administrative setup that rivals national corporate and commercial law firms. With extensive experience in Family Laws, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Property Litigation, Labour Laws, Court Marriages in Pakistan, Child Custody, Maintenance Cases, Divorce, and Khula, we offer comprehensive legal services.

At Hamara Qanoon, we provide a wide range of litigation services, consultancy services, alternative dispute resolution services, advisory services, institutional capacity building services, case research, and expert opinion services. Our esteemed clientele includes multinational companies, industry associations, government bodies, statutory bodies, diplomatic missions, regulatory agencies, and other entities.

In addition to our office-based services, we specialize in offering Special Legal Services to Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Nationals, and Companies with interests in Pakistan. Our well-equipped setup ensures that we can register legal documents with the appropriate Registrar efficiently. Our services encompass various categories and the specific documents associated with each category.

With our dedication to excellence, expertise in diverse legal areas, and commitment to providing tailored solutions, Pk-Legal and Associates is the ideal choice for all your legal needs in Pakistan. Contact us today for professional and reliable legal assistance.

A message from our CEO,

Advocate Zafran Qamar Janjua

Our CEO, Advocate Zafran Qamar Janjua, is deeply committed to the mission of our law firm, which is to provide exceptional legal services to our valued clients. With a profound dedication to justice and a firm belief in the transformative power of the law, our CEO leads our team in delivering the highest standards of legal representation. Their vision encompasses a client-centric approach, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention, expert advice, and customized solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Driven by a strong sense of integrity, professionalism, and empathy, our CEO strives to establish a law firm that is both trusted and respected by clients and peers alike. Through their exceptional leadership, we remain unwavering in our commitment to upholding the principles of justice, vigorously advocating for our clients’ rights, and achieving favorable outcomes.

Advocate Zafran Qamar Janjua

By embracing our CEO’s vision and guidance, our law firm consistently delivers outstanding results while maintaining a strong focus on client satisfaction. We stand as a steadfast ally to our clients, providing them with unwavering support throughout their legal journey.

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